Baby Shark Token

 Baby Shark Token Airdrops

Baby Shark

1. Total Airdrop Amount:                                                                  4,700,000,000,001 SHARK

2. Number of Winners:                                                                       2000

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(Note: Baby Shark Token Team members will select verified users and airdrop SHARK to their BEP20 address before August 1st, participation in the airdrop event does not guarantee distribution of tokens, merely eligibility by the team).

Airdrop will be live from July 5th to July 15th, selected individuals will be announced here. Tokens must be claimed by July 22nd. If you are selected as one of the individuals who will receive the airdrop tokens will be deposited into your wallet by August 1st. Please ensure a valid wallet is submitted so you don’t not miss out on your tokens.

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