Farm BoneSwap

 BoneSwap Yield Farming and Staking

Bone Swap

Bone Swap is a full ecosystem that have yield farming and automated market-making (AMM) for the Polygon network. We introduce Decentralized Exchange (DEX), Yield Farm, Info Service, which is the strong and secure foundation with our own BONE token as the center of our service.

1. Settings Matic Mainnet on Metamask: Here.
2. Bridge MultiChain: Here.
3. Buy Bone Token on
4. Contract Bone Token 0x80244C2441779361F35803b8C711C6c8fC6054a3
5. Add Liquidity (LP) BONE+MATIC, BONE+USDC or Add Liquidity You Want As Shown Below.

Bone Swap

6. Connect Your Wallet on
7. Approve Contract Your LP Farming or Single Staking
8. Stake Liquidity POOL or Single Staking and Earn Bone
9. Happy Earn

Note: Please do your own research before investing.

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