Flourishing AI

Coinmarketcap Airdrop Flourishing AI

Flourishing AI Airdrop


Flourishing AI is the most advanced artificial intelligence, portfolio management and insights solution in the market. The live platform supports portfolio risk-adjusted returns by combining deep learning inference, active blockchain monitoring, high frequency trading, active portfolio rebalancing, automated arbitrage, target price probability analysis, and early pattern recognition of bull markets, or bear markets, or unexpected market events.

1. Add FlourishingAI to your CoinMarketCap watchlis
2. Follow FlourishingAI on Telegram
3. Follow Flourishing AI on Twitter
4. Retweet this Tweet and tag at least 3 of your followers
5. Follow FlourishingAI on Instagram
6. Fill out the Airdrop Participation form, with your name, ETH address, and social media handles (TG, Twitter, Insta) to receive your Tokens when the Token is launched

Airdrop reward: 20,000 tokens giveaway to 200 selected winners who follow all the above steps, to be announced on July 6, 2021

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